BKS Serie 50 livius

Each lock cylinder contains 3 keys. Hence, if you order for example 4 lock cylinders (simultaneous locking) you get 12 keys with no additional costs.

If you want to order separate locking systems for example using 2 separate simultaneous locking systems you have to conclude 2 separate orders. And if you want to order several lock cylinders of the same series make sure to select simultaneous locking at the corresponding length.

That’s what you can expect from our cylinder system series 50:

• According to standard DIN/EN 1303 and DIN 18252
• Standard fitting with anti-bumping protection
• 6-pins profile cylinder
• Patented profile series with spring-loaded graving
• Paracentric key profiles (individual and simultaneous locking)
• Cylinder casing: brass, nickel-plated
• Key: high-quality nickel silver (locking systems and registered locks)
• Forend screw: M5 x 80mm, nickel-plated steel
• Security identity card

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