BKS Serie 46 Janus

The new high-quality locking cylinder BKS Janus© 46 is now available. The door lock cylinder is patented until 2031 and has many features for your convenience. Whether you use it for commercial or private real estate this lock cylinder is going to win you over:

• Spacious grip area
• Extra long key blade
• Suitable for heavy doors
• Suitable for complex locking systems
• Easy to handle with double-sided key guidance
• Can be used with each protective fitting with cylinder cover
• Modular cylinder structure: variable length, sandwich design
• Casing of the cylinder in nickel-plated brass, or in chrome-nickel-steel
• No rosettes
• With forend screw M5 x 80mm, nickel-plated steel

New copy protection:

• Mechanical copy protection of the identation key
• Even the novel 3d print cannot exactly reproduce this key

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