DOM ix TwinStar 2in1

This DOM system has a factory default dual closing encryption which you can activate at your convenience. If you insert the second key type and turn it 360° in the cylinder, you will change the encryption and switch to the second closing encryption. However, bear in mind that your old keys (of the first closing encryption) will no longer be functional. This process is irreversible. Lost your key? No worries!

Many people might have access to the keys such as your daughter, your son, your neighbor or your cleaner. However, with increasing number you might lose track of who has access and who might have lost a key. Should you change the whole lock? Not at all! DOM offers a comfortable alternative: the 2in1 system.

If you need several lock cylinders (even if they vary in length) which shall be opened with the same key, please select under “closing mechanism” the option simultaneous locking for each locking cylinder. All locking cylinders which are in the cart will then be considered to have one closing mechanism.

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